The first thing people often notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile can do more to enhance your appearance than nearly anything else.

Regular scaling and polishing of teeth plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and giving you a brighter, whiter and fresher smile.

With teeth whitening you can create a bright, radiant smile. It is more than just a cleaning, scaling and polishing. Using whitening gel, we are able to target stain molecules below the surface, within the structure of the tooth itself, oxidise them, and remove them completely.

However, the longevity of whitening treatment varies, and depends largely on how well you look after your teeth. Drinking dark pop and red wine, smoking, and neglecting dental check-ups may well shorten the life of your white smile. The added benefit of home teeth whitening kit is that you can repeat the whitening as and when you feel necessary by purchasing whitening gels from the practice and using your custom made trays in the comfort of your own home.